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   Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh....(OSHO)


born Dec. 11, 1931, central India
died Jan. 19, 1990, Pune, India
also called Osho and Acharya Rajneesh, original name Chandra Mohan Jain

Indian spiritual leader who preached an eclectic doctrine of Eastern mysticism, individual devotion, and sexual freedom while amassing vast personal wealth.

Rajneesh was born Rajneesh Chandra Mohan in Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, India in 1931 in a Jain family. According to Shunyo (1992, p.217) an intimate female disciple, Bhagwan was a strong-willed boy, an independent spirit wanting to experience things himself. From the relatively innocent actions of an unruly boy challenging parents, neighbours, teachers at school, Rajneesh was labeled later on a menace to society, consequently an entire political apparatus in many countries was involved in the affair. Rajneesh himself has said:
--"As far back as I can remember, I loved only one game - to argue. So very few grown-up people could stand me"

Rajneesh spent ten years teaching philosophy at the University of Jabalpur in India, also traveling throughout India giving public lectures and challenging the religious leaders of all kinds.

--"I found it was foolish wasting time in the university teaching twenty students when I can teach 50,000 people in one single meeting. From the university, I moved to the universe" says Rajneesh about himself leaving the university job "

--" I want to leave you alone, absolutely alone, so that you cannot take anybody's help, so you cannot cling to any prophet, so that you cannot think that Gautam Buddha is going to save you. Left alone ? utterly alone ? you are bound to find your innermost center."

--"People ask me why the society is against me. The society is not against me - I am anti-social.
But I can't help it - I have to do my thing. I have to share what has happened to me, and in that very sharing I go against the society."

--"I don't think about the future at all, it is irrelevant. My whole effort is how to beautify this present moment, how to make people more celebrating, how to make people more joyous, how to give them a little glimpse of blissfulness, how to bring laughter to their life."

--"I am trying in every possible way to drop all those things, which in the past have been barriers for the revolution to continue and grow. I don't want anybody to stand between the individual and existence. No prayer, no priest -- you alone are enough to face the sunrise. You don't need somebody to interpret for you what a beautiful sunrise it is."




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"Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness." -- H.H. Dalai Lama