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Judaism is...

is one of three Abrahamic religions -- faiths which recognize Abraham as a Patriarch. The others are Christianity and Islam. Although Jews comprise only about 0.2% of the human race, Jewish influence on the world has been vast -- far more than their numbers would indicate.

 Overview of Judaism...

"Judaism is around 3500 years old. Jews believe that there is only one God and that the Jewish People were specially chosen to receive God's guidance."

Around 2,000 years ago a non-Jew told Hillel, a famous Jewish teacher, that he would convert to Judaism if Hillel could teach him the whole of the Torah in the time he could balance on one leg.

Hillel replied… "What is hateful to yourself, do not do to your neighbour. That is the whole Torah; the rest is just commentary. Go and study it."

Jewish movements, often referred to as denominations, branches or sects of Judaism, differ from each other in some beliefs and thus in the way they observe Judaism. Differences between the movements, in contrast to differences between Christian denominations, derive from interpreting Jewish scriptures in more progressive/liberal or more traditional/conservative ways rather then from theological differences.

The Bare Essentials of Judaism

  • 3500 years old
  • Began in the Middle East
  • Founded by Abraham and Moses
  • Parent faith of Christianity
  • Jews believe that there is only one God
  • Jews believe that the Jewish People are specially chosen by God
  • Jews worship in Synagogues, their spiritual leaders are called Rabbis
  • The Jewish Holy book is the Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, especially the first 5 books, -called The Torah.
  • 12 million followers, most in Israel and the USA
  • 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust in an attempt to wipe out Judaism

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