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" Sikhs worship God and only God "
Unlike members of many other religions they worship God in his true abstract form, and don't use images or statues to help them.

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Private Worship

Sikhs can pray at any time and any place.

Sikh aims to get up early, bathe, and then start the day by meditating on God.

The Sikh code of conduct lays down a stern discipline for the start of the day:

"A Sikh should wake up in the ambrosial hours (three hours before the dawn), take a bath and, concentrating his/her thoughts on One Immortal Being, repeat the name Waheguru (Wondrous Destroyer of darkness)."

Public Worship

Although Sikhs can worship on their own they see congregational worship as having its own special merits.

Sikhs believe that God is visible in the Sikh congregation or Sangat, and that God is pleased by the act of serving the Sangat.

Congregational Sikh worship takes place in a Gurdwara.

Sikh public worship can be led by any Sikh, male or female, who is competent to do so.

The Gurdwara

A Gurdwara is the place where Sikhs come together for congregational worship.

The first Gurdwara in the world (it was called a "dharamsala" in those days) was built by Guru Nanak in 1521-2 at Kartarpur.

The literal meaning of the Punjabi word Gurdwara is the residence of the Guru, or the door that leads to the Guru.

  • Although a Gurdwara may be called the residence of the Guru (meaning the residence of God), Sikhs believe that God is present everywhere

* The Purpose of a Gurdwara

  • It's a place to learn spiritual wisdom
  • It's a place for religious ceremonies
  • It's a place where children learn the Sikh faith, ethics, customs, traditions and texts
  • A Gurdwara is also a community centre, and offers food, shelter, and companionship to those who need it.

-- No Priests in the Gurdwara

Sikhs do not have ordained priests, and any Sikh can lead the prayers, and recite the scriptures to the congregation.

  • Each Gurdwara has a Granthi who organises the daily services and reads from the Guru Granth Sahib. A Granthi is not a priest but is the reader/custodian of the Adi Granth.

    A Granthi must be fluent in reading Gurmukhi, and be properly trained in all aspects of looking after the Guru Granth Sahib






Congrigational worship at sikh plzce of worship(Gurudwar)called Diwaan....

Sikh Placeo Of Worship

The Gurdwara is Sikh place of worship, just like a church is for Christians, a mosque for Muslims and a temple for Hindus.

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"Among the low let my caste be the meanest,
Of the lowly, let me the lowliest be.
O Nanak! let such be the men I know...".


The Sikhs had ten prophets called the Gurus. The time-period of the history of the Gurus ranged from 1469 A.D