Does God Exist?

According to, “Does God exist? Did God create us? and was the Universe created by God? Ask yourself, What is God? We name that ultimate power, that has created this universe as GOD and I feel that we shape the acts of God by our deeds. I have come to this conclusion from the events in my life. My prayers have always been answered by this God. Lord Krishna symbolizes my God. Similarly, depending on your upbringing, different forms can symbolize your God. Jesus Christ has been believed to be the Son of God. There have been Sons, Messengers (Mohammed the prophet) and Avtars (Hindu mythological Gods) of God in various religions. However, there is One God that demonstrates its existence and power and this demonstration is revealed to you by your faith and if you keep the eyes of your mind open and you seek HIM through your love, good deeds and prayers. This faith provides the strength, that allows you to face any problem in life. Our collective thinking, actions and deeds determines how that God takes shape. Fortunately, the love within us and strong belief in many of us that there exists a super power and therefore, various prayers of peace, love, belief and hope have shaped the “God”, that values virtues over evil, good deeds over bad deeds, truth over falsehood and this God, rewards all that is “good”.

In nutshell, our God demonstrates everytime that you reap what you sow!

So, this is all the more reason to respect all the religions and spread love and peace. I feel that this thinking will unite the people of this world. Therefore, GOD has no form, is immortal and values all that is good.”

PRAYER IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF ALL RELIGIONS. God is the ultimate recipient of all prayers according to the religious teachings.
As taught by all the religions, prayer is the only means which believers have, that provides a vehicle to initiate contact with their God. Of course, God is not restricted to such a single line of communication.
He can speak in visions, dreams, messages to the head, face to face and in revelations given to someone else which eventually gets to the individual believer.
He also has other means of communication like earthquakes, lightning strikes, droughts,
diseases, storms and many other types of catastrophes, according to the believers in all religions.
According to me, these catastrophes are the reactions of our collective bad deeds (Karmas) in our dynamic life.

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