Key to all the Problems

lord krishna

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta is holy scripture, it is not a simple book but master key or Solution to all the problems.
Every single person has problems in life, whether a small child, young man or woman, or an old person, everybody has problems in day today life.
So Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta has all the solutions. Problems could be physical, mental, spiritual, wealth, emotional, relationships, any.
Lord Krishna delivered this sermon in the setting of a battle scene at kurukshetra when the Arjuna great hero and worrier anguish and dejection led him to a state of dilemma. When faced with a moral crisis and having no ray of hope Arjuna surrendered himself to Lord Krishna to show him the right way of life. Lord Krishna delivered Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta at such a crucial moment and became a massage to all for their all problems and spiritual guidance and solace for all mankind.
The battle scene at Kurukshetra is battle scene of life where man is facing crisis like Arjuna and is at a total loss to take his decision, because he had to stand against his master, grandfather, uncles, cousins and many other relatives. Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta is an answer to all those seeking enlightenment on the various problems of human life at all times.
As we all know every action has its result. And every result contains its action. –The Law of Karma. This Cycle goes on day and night, months and years, birth after birth. But Lord Krishna through Bhagwat Geeta tells us how to live a peaceful life. It gives us guidance about devotion and faith in God.
It teaches us to perform our duties but we should remain detached from the fruits of action. Peace of mind comes when we renounce the fruit of action. By doing so one will continue to do his worldly duties and at the same time attain peace and bliss within. He will be in the world but detached from the world, in that way one can realize the God. One need not give up the world or lead the life of a recluse. The paths of work and renunciation are both means of liberation. Devotion of the Supreme Lord Bridges the gap between action and renunciation.
It contain 18 chapter-
1. The Yoga of Despondency of Arjuna
2. The Yoga of Knowledge
3. The Yoga of Action
4. The Yoga of Renunciation of action with knowledge
5. The Yoga of Self Discipline
6. The Yoga of imperishable Brahman
7. The yoga of Sovereign knowledge and Sovereign Mystery
8. The Yoda of Divine Manifestation
9. The Yoga of the vision of the Cosmic Form
10. The Yoga of the Field and the knower of the Field
11. The Yoga of the vision of the Cosmic Form
12. The Yoga of Devotion
13. The Yoga of the Field and the Knower of the Field
14. The Yoga of Division of the Three Gunas
15. The Yoga of the Supreme person
16. The Yoga of the Division between the Divine and Demoniac Endowments
17. The Yoga of the Threefold Division of Faith
18. The Yoga of liberation of Renunciation

One can understand after reading contains, every expect of life is covered in this. This gives true and right path of the life.

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