Do I have to choose between Science and Religion?

Seeking Wisdom
By Dr. Harbans Lal

Science, religion, and culture are three forces that greatly affect our world.

It is no exaggeration to say that the course of human history will depend on the relationship between these disciplines, and the impact and influence each area has on society. Intellectuals, for example, will be attracted to religions that are mainly dynamic, progressive, and at peace with science.

Science has succeeded remarkably in learning about the workings of the human brain and the earth and universe around us. It is unlocking the code of life by mapping human DNA, tracing the history of the known universe, and disclosing virtually all physical and biological phenomena in impressive detail.

And until recently, science and religion co-mingled well in Sikh society. Sikh clergy simply ignored science, as their educational handicaps did not permit the implications.

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